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Tours and Travels

What you do when you are stuck deep in dreary work-life and just longing to take a break? What you do when you want to sneak off to seclusion with your family or friends? You close your eyes, pack your stuff and gather around your folks and fly away. As they say, ‘solitude is bliss’. Taking a trip or literally backpacking in some abandoned corners of the world seems right up your ally. The more peace you find, the more you travel. Won’t you be happy to get a customized tour package as per your convenience? Working for such industries and companies who bring harmony to you has always been utterly peaceful for us. Take a moment of amusement and check out our work.

Trendy Brand Identity

The travel & tourism industry is our true friends; organizing such mind-blowing trips everywhere in the world. Being in the advertising and marketing industry, Trimitiy has helped in broadening its status quo. We have indulged in designing benevolent brand identities like visiting cards, letterheads and envelops for widely popular Vihar Holidays; maintaining their blue and white theme with subtle designs as per the client asked. The theme depicts the amazing experience of travelling with Vihar Holidays, peaceful and moving without having to worry about none. We understand the right choices of colours when it comes to travel & tourism. The more you can draw the public to nature, the more appealing it is to the rest. Hence the blue and white theme was the perfect fit. Wanderlust is like a barrel of expensive wine that you sip gingerly in order to not savour it all at once; you enjoy every ounce of such over-the-top enthralling wine and wish for it to last all eternity. Travelling gives you a similar joy; to live up to your free-will to the fullest and not look back.

Graphics And So Much More

When it comes to tours & travel business, the number of creative ways to promote your brand is just not enough. The more you do, the less it seems. We have designed various types of flyers, brochures and flexes for the plethora of tours our precious clients organize across the globe. Optimum content quantity and maximum impactful graphics work are what we deliver and what keeps our clients put their faith and coming to us every time. Influencing the mob for taking excursions with particular tours & travel company is not easy. In order to convince someone so, a realistic approach is the key. People appeal to any presentation or content in an instance when it touches them. Our style and experience are what make us matchless. We accurately interpret the hurdles and milestones regarding graphics designing and so in such industries and work on our plan of action in a similar direction.

Shooting A Better Picture

Vihar Holidays has been our client for a very long time now. We have done every type of branding for them. Starting from graphics to digital marketing. We have also made videos for their social media platforms to promote the widest variety of services they provide to the customers with reliability and zero worries. We made realistic as well as infographic videos conviving the simplicity and stupendous working environments. To greet special days relatable to their services, we came up with conceptual videos and marketed the brand online in a completely entertaining and appealing way. Trimitiy provides such services and gives the best results through the same.

Concreting Websites

The digital platform that you create for your brand image is like opening up the gates to the public. Your website is like you speaking to your fellow travellers; offering exactly what they want and much more to explore. The website should be so designed that it would speak your notions and take people on tour then and there. We know that the quality of content available on the website is to be refreshing and intense to reach countless hearts. Developing such websites is exciting. Trimitiy has done the finest share of work in designing websites for tours & travel business. We have relished working for our clients such as Go Holidays, FlynGo, Abhinav Tours, Go Agri Tourism, Vihar Holidays, and many more. The stories our clients wanted to tell, we have scripted in a casual yet fascinating manner. The designing, images, content, and the path that website build users’ curiosity and bind them in finding out more and more. Our prestigious clientele is our allies. Websites are crucial and fundamental podiums for companies to excel and be the best of their kind. On this basis, we have fruitfully designed and developed virtual resources and made our clients ecstatic.

Uplifting Via Social Media

Building reliable websites don’t fill the cup to its full capacity. Awareness should be made in every medium possible. Everyone promotes their brand in the best way possible but what is the one thing that pierces? Social Media is another such popular and handy way of letting the world show what you have to offer. The power of Social Media is ironically often miscalculated. Taking advantage of the same, we also create & manage your social media pages and make you shine bright like a diamond. The activities you organize for your mob, the variety of tours you arrange, the treasure of offers, and many such intriguing things directly reach to the public by these means. Hence, your social media page should always be actively engaging with every type of customer or user. The superior quality of graphics and the appropriate choices of impactful words get your pages going and on fire. To meet the viewer’s eye, alpha graphics illuminate the stage and sleek writing works as an apple pie. The strategies we draw for your social media campaigns according to the latest wanderlust trends attract travellers.

The care-free aura that you don’t ever want to get rid of when you go tripping is similar to our working environment. We understand being a travel company, your clients are ought to get such feelings. When you choose Trimitiy, we assure you that you too feel the same. With our services and results, we make sure that you are deliriously satisfied. As it is your job to make your clients happy, it is also our job to make you happy. Visit us and take a tour of the best services in the advertising market.


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