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What We Do

Food & Restaurants

What is the one thing that is constantly stuck by your side and has never made you feel insolent or insecure; the one thing whose sheer presence has always bounced up the butterflies in the stomach. Food is indeed that one curious thing that woos us by doing nothing. When you are completely fascinated by the maître d as he leads you to the table and the sommelier embraces you with his wine menu. That la carte menu which you stuff to the fullest and still have larger room left for dessert. Food is the one thing to which we cling on to without any complaints. Designing and marketing for such food industries have always been our delightful pleasure. Swipe up to have a quaint taste of what we have done with the city’s some of the finest quirky food decors.

Succulent Logo Designs

The foremost thing to establish the propaganda to do the strategic advertising and branding of your company is to form the identity. The logo is an autograph consigned by a company for its global recognition. At Trimitiy, we personally think that a logo speaks wholesomely about the company hence has to be designed thoughtfully. Working for food & restaurant industry has always been fascinating for us and designing the logo too. The colour combination mostly matters depending on whether it’s a veg/non-veg place or a pure veg place. Apart from that, the USP product also marks diligence. The art of logo designing correspondingly stumbles upon the targeted audience, competitors, and specifications of the client’s expectations. In our experience, every aspect of logo matters; shape, size, colour combination and temperature. It should be so designed that it’d fit on any merchandise say caps, dress code, pens or visiting cards; the decency of logo would be reflected through these. When it comes to food & restaurant industry, Manna, Kekiz, MGU Masale, Wrapking are some of our finest workings. Manna is in the business to serve all & only vegan food. While designing the logo in an explicit way, we illustrated a serving-hand which is, in fact, serving greens to represent vegan food.

Food Packaging

The industry of food and restaurant equivalently marks importance to the packaging of food products along with other designing work. Being an advertising agency, the designing of food products and food delivery packaging is our significant portion of work. We have designed such packaging for our clients like Chopinz, MGU Masale, Athavles, The Keema, Wrapking, Patankar Farm Products, Let’s eat and so.

Menu Cards- The résumé of restaurants!

When it comes to food, the way and style in which it’s presented is an initial factor. Thus, the menu cards’ impression should be competent with the place and food. The level of fancy a menu card builds is extremely crucial. Comprehending these parameters, we design the menu cards retaining the theme of the place. The fancier the menu is, the swankier the food & place is. We optimize the space and put just enough to get the idea of what’s inside on the menu card. The best work examples we have embarked on are Alcoholic Mafia, Regent, and Altitude: The Air Lounge. The design of Altitude was socially vibrant. Their menu card was just like multiple social media platforms telling stories to people. The picturesque photos of the dishes and detailed explained menu like their own social media pages. Trimitiy believes in ‘value-adding’ work where the price is concerned. As attractive, your place is as pretty the design is with Trimitiy.

Fascinating Website Designs

Imagine, the collection of all the promotional merchandise needed for your place running along with the theme and the savoury you have to offer are all lit up. Suppose, your definitive ideas and its proper execution are right on the track but you don’t have a solid platform to set up the foothold in the food and restaurant industry. What will you do? Where will you go? Designing the website as trendy and appealing as your restaurant is an asset that should be made with utter diligence. Websites are the thoughtful manifestation of all the efforts you have taken in making it true. Trimitiy has an excellent, painstaking web team that changes your portraits by 180 degrees. MGU products, Shahu Agro, Wrapking, etc. are some of the food manufacturing companies which we have designed websites for. The responsive layout of the website, contact forms, reservation forms, photo gallery, map integration, content & data management are the common factors playing the game for any type of website. Our team is doing an exceedingly fantastic job with static, dynamic and e-commerce websites. If the website is precisely capable of wooing the visitor then he/she is to must visit your place. A quality website bookmarks the dominance in the restaurant business and foodservice industry.

Fine Brewed SM Profiles

Digitalization has literally changed every cover. Rather than believing our own people, we are naturally inclined towards social media. To create your presence on such a viral platform is a strength that must be pursued. To beat this full-of-struggle race, our team of digital marketing aces you up. Our team draws lead-generating ideas and strategies for the promotion of your brand and create your dominance online. Result-delivering plan of advertising through social media platforms is an invitation for collaboration with other tycoons of food & restaurant industry. The out-of-the-box digital marketing of your food brand catches the eyes of food bloggers who influence the crowd with proper choices of places and food. Trimitiy’s team of digital marketing works perfectly and provides you all of the services. Our SEO executives know how to bring you up on search engines and how to take what you have to offer to the rest of the world. Food is undeniably our saviour for all kinds of troubles. We may survive without oxygen but we will die without food. Hence, if you’re have something to offer that is different than the rest, Trimitiy’s digital marketing skills are the key to your growing business empire and reach millions of hearts.

Branding in Style

Graphic Designing is an integral part of any advertising agency. The designs of branding material have to be speaking up for your brand. Trimitiy designs brochures, flyers, brand identity, standees, flexes, hoardings, etc. for a wide variety of our clients from food and restaurant industry. The overall marketing and promoting of brand images are based on these designs. Hence, this is the foundation and it has to be firm for advertisement. Trimitiy builds such a reliable foundation for promoting your brand image.

Motion Graphics Videos

Trimitiy also offers services like video advertising through social media platforms as well as websites. Trending on social media, videos leave a greater impression. For our client Khau Gully, we have made videos as an introduction to their restaurant. The video served the brief glimpses of the modern and fancy interiors of the place. For our other client, The Keema, we scripted the story of their unbeatable and tasty recipe and made a video to promote the brand everywhere. The ancient history of the delicious Keema recipes and how it came into existence. This was something different, out-of-the-ordinary way of promoting the brand. We make such videos and many other types for the marketing and advertising of your brand image.

While every effort you put through for your restaurant business, visual representation and power-driven content writing are what bag the award. Graphics designing play your cards like you have a full house. Catchy content along with striking graphics rule social media. Thus, having such remarkable artists who can pin-point your delicacy serving thoughts into reality is one of our precious traits. Dreaming of having something you created to be known to the world in such a unique way? Then, Trimitiy is your master kitchen full of master chefs. Give a shot to a sumptuous rendezvous of creativity at Trimitiy and be ready to serve the platter of aromatic food and beat all the famished.


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