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What We Do

Construction and Real Estate

The fundamental needs of being human are ‘food, clothes, and shelter’. Shelter being one of them means the construction and real estate industry is one of the fundamentals. Constructing our fundamental needs as the way we want is amusing. The construction industry has come a long way from conventional tactics. It’s not only about ‘bricks & mortar’ now but it’s a whole another world. We are surely awestruck at the modernity of it. Buildings, highways, dams, leisure facilities, and the required updated construction material, we work for both. Working for the same is demanding and challenging just like the industry. Brick by brick, you achieve what you aim for. We are abiding by the same principle and strive hard for better results. Trimitiy has received a diverse amount of clients in the same industry with a variety of work. Swipe up to check out the work we have constructed for our clients.


Roman Aqua Pools is the company that offers construction services of swimming pools, jacuzzis, waterfalls & fountains, and so. The design of the logo consisted of a graphical figure of the swimming pool and the letters R, A, P merged into one. Obviously, the choice of colour was aqua blue which made the whole design vivid and calm just like water. Golden Valley, Stragcon Infra, etc. are our emblem for logo creations.

Exquisite Graphic Designs

Our expert designers create different brand identity, posters, flyers, brochures, visiting cards, etc. and maintain the core for which the clients stand for. The simplicity fills up the speciality every company has to offer and so the designs have to be made with a similar frame of reference. Over the years Trimitiy has gained the trust and conveyed satisfaction which is the foundation of our long trail of clients and also an aim towards making it bigger.
Necessary aspect for the branding of a construction company is brochures and hoardings.
Almost all construction companies or builders or contractors are offering advanced technology and the competition is sky-high. In such cases, modern amenities, location, and affordable rates play a chief function. These are the factors that can change the whole scenario. While working for our numerous clients, we are keen to constantly keep these things intact. We have designed brochures for our clients like Godse Housing, Jemkon, Kiran Creators and so...
Hoardings are required for site branding. Hence, they are critically important for the construction and real estate sector. Trimitiy has designed such hoardings for site branding for our clients like Golden Castle, Kiran Creators, Sharda Group, Pethkar Projects, Suratwwala Business Group and so.

Video & GIF Making

Trimitiy is bounteously rich with every aspect of advertising. We make video advertising for our clients. For example, for one of our clients, Aaiji group, we have made GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) on the occasion of republic day for social media advertising. We make many types of videos for advertising as and when you require. Video advertising is a faster way to approach the targeted audience and Trimitiy is proud to have a team of video makers that are prompt at the service.

Conceptual Websites

Website building is analogous to the companies that build huge buildings, roads, and whatnot. We develop websites for our clients and provide them the services like maintenance and testing of the website. One of our clients is Suratwwala Business Group Ltd. They are one of the leading companies of Pune in the construction & real estate sector. We have designed and developed the website for their project Suratwala Mark Plazzo and also their main website. SBGL stands for elegance, class, and royalty along with trust and dedication. Throughout the layout of the website, we have managed to maintain the standard SBGL offers. The colour theme is a dark shade of blue and golden. Such strategies we have implied while designing and developing the websites for our other clients like Aaiji Group, Kiran Creators, etc. When it comes to designing a website for construction and real estate industry, simplicity is required everywhere. Every company has its own completed, future, and ongoing projects that are to be put on the website along with other content and services. This may make a mess if the linking is not done properly. Our clients have relied on us and our truly reliable web team who have done an amazing job regarding the same.

Digitalization through Social Media & Search Engine Optimization

Apart from various other industries that we have worked for, the construction and real estate industry has given us a fair share of clients for social media and digital marketing. We design and strategize online paid campaigns, pay per click advertisements, etc. for our clients’ frequent promotional offers and festive offers as well. We create brand awareness on available digital platforms and social media handles. Trimitiy also offers retainer ships for creating awareness and building your brand image. Through this, we have been able to generate leads for our clients and made them happier. We also deliver website content, social media content, ad campaign content, and other brand identity content writing for our clients giving construction services. Without the proper weightage of words, the design does not deliver the best of its capability. Our efficient team of digital marketing performs effective SEO services to raise the bar for our clients online.

Construction is not a cakewalk. It takes the contribution of thousands of hours and working hands. It takes a leader’s vision and a team’s spirit to execute it properly. Trimitiy is nothing less than a construction company. Building something better for mankind is a risk and the one we are brave to take always. We value teamwork and we work together to make the best of everything. Our dedication is our sophistication.


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