About Us


About Us

Our company appropriately named as Trimitiy Studios Pvt. Ltd. (त्रिमितीय) which means "Three Dimensional" offers an all encompassing solution to a client's advertising needs from designing to branding and advertising in various media. We are creative, tech savvy, professional and completely in sync with the times. Proud of what we do we apply our abundant resources to project you as a class apart.

We are a 360 degree advertising agency well known in the field of creative advertising and constantly working towards creating creative strategy & solutions for various brands.

The Company effectively utilizes print, outdoor and online advertising having a strong presence in Design,Development, Branding, Social Media, Digital campaigns etc. We are committed towards offering unique creative services for numerous brands in several segments.

At Trimitiy Studios Pvt Ltd we cover almost everything that comes under the name of advertising. branding, designing, websites, digital marketing, social media management and marketing, SEO and a lot more is on offer for you.

For us, it’s not just another design that we’ll be creating; it’s a relationship that we build with our client.



How It Works?

Our Work Process

We at Trimitiy Studios Pvt Ltd religiously follow a system that ensures the quality outcome and smoothens the creative process. A calculative approach towards providing practical and highly creative solutions has helped in creating strong brand identity.

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Taking written brief so that our creative team stay on the right path and produce exceptional creative solutions.

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Learn everything about the client, product, service, customers, market, reach, target crowd & the competitors.

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In a creative brain storming session team members often feel more open to bouncing ideas off one another.

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After a thoughtful discussion the creative designers and smart devlopers team works rigorously to produce quality output

Creative & Talented

We're a Team

At Trimitiy, our primary and the only focus since years is ‘Customer Delight’. Our Team believes in building ‘relationship’ first and ‘business association’ next. We serve our clients more of as a ‘friend’ and this is what we say as ‘being with you beyond business’. And therefore since beginning, the Founders of Trimitiy have consciously decided to provide services to the clients which are crafted by domain experts. We care about the quality of our services and that’s why we have a serious attitude towards hiring only the most skillful and creative staff.

When working with any of our team members, you can be absolutely sure of having your project / work completed within an agreed time period and with the best quality. They really work hard and go the extra mile in order to provide you with top quality products and services, ultimately making you experience ‘Customer Delight’.


A creative team to dream up and execute advertising campaigns for our clients.

Web Design

A team to paint your global dreams, give you that extra edge, make you stand apart

Web Development

A team strive to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation.

Digital Marketing

A smart marketing team using digital technologies, to achieve business goals of our clients.


A Team feel your pulse, your thoughts, your motives, describe what you stand for.


A team providing printing of almost everything that makes your brand visible in the market.


With the customer as the focus of its activities, Marketing is one of the premier components of our Business.


The team always so calm, composed, and methodical. They have strong internal controls.


Build Your Brand, Build Whole!