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What We Do

Social and NGO

Together we can transform the world that only one can do so little. The work of NGOs is the root of humanitarian services which is everything but an industry. Although the funds part is running NGOs around the world, it is definitely not for business to earn profits. Social service is similar to raising kids. One has to care that much to volunteer and do the part in social services. It is a salute to the humanity inside you. Only, one has to care enough and there you have the helpless fed, clothed and sheltered. We think, as being humans, we owe this help to those who need it. There are countless NGOs around the world established for so many reasons we can’t even think of. Trimitiy feels the obligation and so we have had a bouquet of occasions where we could contribute and work for such magnanimous NGOs. We indeed are lucky to have worked for such organizations with different causes and apart from the professional part, we got a chance for a good deed. Shake the human inside you which caged in your dreary and check out our share of nobility.

The Benevolence of Graphic Designing

The establishments who perform such selfless work, need funding to run their cause for the greater good. Without money, love and happiness are immediate proximity; but running other things that too on a larger scale need piles of notes. Such committees need appropriate exposure to the world for raising the funds. Trimitiy has played that missing piece in the puzzle. We have worked for various organizations based in and out of Pune. Solapur Social Foundation’s ‘Annapoorna Yojna’ is one such service that feeds empty stomachs. Those who are stranded by families, destitute, frail due to old age, scared hungry children or any adult living away from home. A tiffin full of nutritive food to beat the hunger is reaching out wherever needed. Our graphic designers and content writers have given everything to this project. They could feel the sensibility of our client and so they too worked devotedly. We designed their logo, brand identity, flyers, id-cards, and e-brochures. We have also done their site branding at Hadapsar, Pune office.

Developing an Online Presence

From the cultural and historical background, the ‘Raje Vikramsinh Ghatge Foundation’ has been our client for quite a while now. The foundation was established with the sole purpose of doing humanitarian work for the betterment of people. Along with designing their website, to gain funding, we have also done many types of digital marketing services for them. We promoted their dignity on multiple social handles to gain recognition among commoners to witness their work. We designed unique social media posts and content for them. Another of our clients, Solapur Social Foundation which is an establishment hosting verticals like Annapoorna Yojana and Solapur Trade. It is for the socio-cultural development of district Solapur and lifting the employability. It honours the richness of its historical backgrounds and reminds the world of the same. We took care of their website in multiple languages like English & Marathi along with social media promotion of their brand image.

Videos Speak Louder Than Words

When you’re doing a selfless deed, the world needs to hear about it to gain more help. Talking about a realistic approach, nobody would believe any noble cause till haven’t seen it with their own eyes. Hence, the work has to be exhibited through all the forms considering videos to be faster. Trimitiy has helped Annapoorna Yojna to reach more sincere situations for assistance. We have edited videos of the destitute portraying their helpless reality and put it in front of everyone. With appropriate quotes and effects, we made sensible videos to be viewed across multiple platforms. Video making is the next step that Trimitiy passes with great results.

Websites- The First Aid Kit

‘Aapli Mule’ is another such foundation who looks after and educates deceased farmers’ children. Situated in Aurangabad, the school is also the shelter for such children to sleep, eat and learn. They also provide health check-up services to the children. Our team of website designing and developing has been in association with them to build a website as nurturing as the foundation is. The images and banner used are powerfully moving and touching dictating the horrifying reality. Also, Lokmanagal Foundation is another of our many clients who have multiple causes like water conservation, mass wedding, and teaching underprivileged children. We have built up their website in English as well as Marathi language with our web and content writing teams. Our teams have put in more of their emotions into it for such social causes as they understood the necessity of encouragement towards such organizations. Trimitiy has been blessed to work in such an unusual way and selfless way for many such foundations around the country. We have also motivated the targeted audience for donations to noble causes.

You don’t have to be able to help anyone; it just comes from within. This emotion is not measured upon any individual’s capability. You just have to be human. Trimitiy is holistically rich when it comes to having a vast variety of clients from so many different backgrounds. Sharing such a major portion in the Social & NGO section, we truly realized our duties towards being human and help raise those who are on the field doing it already.


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