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What We Have Done


Trimitiy has had the pleasure to work for a wide variety of clients and also their social events. From industries like construction to tourism, we take care of every singular requirement of our clients and stand faithful for their every expectation from us. Our clients have trusted us with the designing, branding, and promotion of several of their events. We scrutinize the targeted crowd as well as current hot trends and create designs accordingly. While flyers and brochures are a physical form of advertising, we make use of our dominance and broadcast the event on social media. Arranging and managing an event is one side of the coin. The other side is promoting the event. All the efforts that we take are the leading steps to reach a massive size of population for the event. The following shows some of our best efforts taken for clients to publish their event.

Musical Events

In the area of tempo and chords, we have made our contribution. Trimitiy designed branding material for an event called ‘B side classic’. It was a musical evening organized by zealous young musicians in the city. We made creative designs for side wings of the stage. The design included pictures of the legends of Hindi music and the artists themselves. We also designed their logo with a typical old cassette and musical notes. We made a newspaper ad, entry pass, and social media posts for the same event.


In the manufacturing industry, for our client Armstrong, Trimitiy worked for their annual event called One Armstrong. The event is all about bringing the workforce together and replenish the values of the company among all. To celebrate the work done and pats on the back. We crafted distinctive graphic designs for the event including certificates, selfie points, sideboards, and so. All of the designs contained the company’s values and principles. Quotes for motivation, as per client requirements, maintaining the colour theme same for every design.


Annual events also mark the work we have done for the Chitpawan Mitra Mandal Association. This association organizes a food-fest and exhibition every year for entertainment and shopping. Trimitiy has designed flyers, flexes, standees, and entrance arch design for them. It’s been more than two years since we are working with them, twice a year in April and October.

Food Events

Speaking of diversity, Trimitiy has also worked for an event from the food industry. One of our clients, Medha Gokhale had arranged a cooking competition for males, females, and children. Cooking competition for male sounds something different, doesn’t it? Our designers, with all of their efforts, made unique designs for the branding of the event. Starting from the flyers, standees, flexes, A3 posters to certificates. Throughout all these branding materials, we kept the colour theme constant on every design. Along with designing, our content writers also had a pivotal role to play. The content required for designs were crafted by us in Marathi as well as English languages. Starting from staging a unique name for the competition to the rest of the content. We actively promoted the event on Facebook through paid ads and social media posts. Trimitiy has been lucky to provide many of our services to an event and help our client to gain higher entrees for the competition.

Real Estate Events

Godse Housing is one of our clients from the construction and real estate industry. Trimitiy has created designs of invitation cards for the ‘bhoomipujan’ event for many of their projects like Laxmikunj, Manas, Soudnya, Rajendra and so. We also crafted the content for invitation cards. We created backdrop designs for the handover ceremony of their project called ‘Pushpamedh’.


When it comes to exhibitions, Trimitiy has done a significant portion of work. Under Solapur Social Foundation, we worked rigorously for Solapur Fest showcasing the values and things for which Solapur stands for. Opportunity at the door led us to work for the entire exhibition. Starting from the designs of branding material to online advertising through digital marketing to content creation for all the designs including a jingle for the fest and video making containing information about the culturally rich Solapur. Promotion and advertising of the fest was the hurdle tough to pass. Our marketing team came up with new strategies burning the midnight oil. The whole Team Trimitiy worked truly hard to make Solapur Fest a huge success. Our sweats paid off when the whole stock of the fest was sold out on the first day. We enjoyed every bit of it.


In the healthcare industry, Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital has been a substantial client. As vast as this multi-speciality hospital is, we have had a similar stack of opportunities to work. Trimitiy has worked for a variety of events at DMH. We have designed various creative including badges, certificates, flyers, brochures, forms, standees, etc. for their many departmental conferences. Along with this, we have also worked for an event called Talent Exchange Programme for the department of critical care and emergency. Another of their annual medical event called Guidelines, we have made brochures, posters, certificates, etc. We have also designed flexes of Hridaynath Mangeshkar’s pictures on the honour of his birthday.

The first annual conference of Maharashtra Rheumatology Association, which was held in 2018 has been our client. Trimitiy has designed the brochures and other brand identity materials for the conference. The conference is named MRACON. Rheumatology is the study of medicine in the area of arthritis and other joint-related diseases. Trimitiy has designed the logo of MRACON. We have also designed registration forms for the conference. Apart from all the graphics work, Trimitiy has designed and developed the website of MRACON.


Our Happy Clients